Duet is a collaboration between Maša Milovac and Jan Pavlović during the MultiMadeira residency, on Madeira, Portugal. The project deals with different methods in work and interprets them through 9 drawings of different stones.

1. A study of a medium
Communicate a concept by reinterpreting a medium or a tool. Think about the tools of thinking.

2. Leave a comment
Focus on solving the case in the most simple manner. Include a proffesional, but also personal comment in the process. Make it a small, but particular part of the final result.

3. Metamorphoses
Observe the problem, then combine, reshape, transform and develop. Keep in mind the sinergy, as well as reduction.

4. Method shift
Question tools and steps of a case and make them visible. Make the process itself relevant and presentable, leaving the final result undefined.

5. New Typology
After analysing existing, recognize potential niches for creating something new of a kind. Keep in mind the potential of a future result.

6. Rituals
Choose only one ritual to work with. Simplify and transfer its importance throughout the case, while exploring its real values.

7. Spice
Solve the case with any given method. Complement it with new value, not strictly related to the case. Widen its potential as a whole.

8. The answer is in the problem
Establish a new system based on a given case, by reinterpreting its main attributes. Let the result be defined by a case itself.

9. To leave out the Irrelevant

…is to create by embeding functions that are usually added afterwards. The result should not need any additional explanation.

Photo of rocks Maša Milovac Photos of the posters Luka Knežević Strika 2016